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I traded up to a 2011 "S" at a very good deal at Ferrari of Denver with a better color. I asked the mechanic about putting on this exhaust system but he could not guarantee prompting a CEL. I asked about this on the Forum. Comments were, "OK" to the "exhaust for the S has larger diameter" so decided to just remove and sell it. It would be interesting to see if anybody else has had CEL issues with this exhaust. I will put this on the Forum and you can follow.

I did get a CEL with the Radium CAI.

i purposely went with the "Sport Cat" to avoid any smog issues. It may be different for you in Calif.

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Can you comment as to any CELs with this set-up? Also, does it pass smog checks in your state? Lastly, why are you parting with it?
I have the 2bular Headers-Downpipe-Metallic Cat, with the Lotus Sport Muffler, installed on my NA evora, and have NEVER had a single CEL.
The metallic Cat, which replaces the OEM Cats in the Stock Headers, works fine for the ECU monitoring.
This should pass California Smog Checks.
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