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FS: Audio Cabinet and Raised Floor for Boot

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I have for sale a custom enclosure for audio gear. The main box is designed for a McIntosh amplifier, but could easily accommodate a CD changer, one large amp, or a couple of mid-sized amps.

It was custom made by Carnutz in Washington. It consists of a main box, a ventilation surround (fits inside the box), a plexiglass top to the box, the main cover (which frames the plexiglass) and side covers. The left side cover includes a box fitted to go over the battery. It also includes a remote connection for the positive battery terminal (with hinged plastic cover); this is to allow easy access to the positive terminal for charging the battery. The kit fits together with snap fastners. It is completely solid when assembled in place.

The package creates a raised floor and walls for the boot, with a framed window so you can see the electronics below. The electronics are framed by a rounded fiberglass frame painted in high-gloss black. All the surfaces are covered with carpet similar to the OEM carpet in the boot. The prior owner of my car competed in custom auto shows; so the unit is well made, nicely fitted and attractive.

The box and cover is about 5 ½ inches tall. I haven’t put it on a scale, but I would guess the entire kits weighs 6 to 7 pounds. I’ve included photos of the kit as installed and of all the pieces.

This kit cost the prior owner over $750. I’ll let it go for $250 (including shipping). PM me with questions.

I'm selling it because I've removed the stereo to cut weight for autoX.

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