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I bought an exhaust tip for my Von Hep thru diffuser.

I then took it to my local coater and he coated it in black matte ceramic coating. Makes it black, but stands up to heat - it's what guys do for headers, etc.

And didn't fit. Was never used.

Stupid me. So, one of you needs to buy it from me.

I'll take an actual pic of it and post later, but let me know if interested.

- Cherry Bomb Tip - 2.25 inlet, 3.0 outlet, 6.5 length, rolled edge. Paid $22 from Summit Racing.

- Ceramic Coating was $45.

Total into it $67.

I'll sell it for $55 shipped (within reason - I'm not shipping it to Trinidad and Tobago).

Hit me up.

Here's the stock photo. I'll put the coated actual one up.

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