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FS: BNIB Toyota OEM Exhaust Cam, Rockers, Lift Bolts (Cheap, No longer have car!)

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FS: BNIB Toyota OEM Intake Cam, Rockers, Lift Bolts (Cheap, No longer have car!)

EDIT: My original post said exhaust cam... it's an intake.

Hello all,

I used to have a 2005 Elise that had minimal wear on the intake cam; the groove marks were only aesthetic, I couldn't feel any gouges with my nail.

Anyways, I bought a Toyota OEM intake cam and rockers from Monkey Wrench Racing. I had planned to swap the cam myself but never got to it before I had to sell the car. Unfortunately the money was better suited elsewhere. I can't wait to get a Lotus again someday!

So I have an intake cam and rockers... brand new. Bags opened to inspect the parts but they were never installed. I have no use for these parts since I no longer have the car.

$210 shipped. This is about $280 shipped from Monkey Wrench.

I have paypal and I am in Rochester, NY.

Please email me at "franklin.zelinger at" as I do not frequent this website anymore. I can either text (include your number please) or email you pictures of the parts as well.

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