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FS: BOE Racing Exhaust QS + Steel Scrubble Replacement Kit

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FS: BOE Racing Exhaust QS + Brand New Steel Scrubble Replacement Kit. = $550 + shipping to CONUS.

The Exhaust has about 2500 miles and has a patina look. Clamps included. It also has slight dents where the clamps are situated when tightened (see below). The dents however are not visible once installed - $705 shipped from BWR. I will throw in the brand new still in the box Steel Scrubble Replacement Kit for repackable exhaust from BWR -$70 shipped from BWR.

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I replaced the scrubble after 1500 miles thinking I needed to replace it but the original scrubble had not been burned out. But I replaced it anyway with a new set. The second set of scrubble that was just sold was a back up.
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