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FS: Boosted 2.0 ported stock header, coated

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FS: Boosted 2.0 ported stock header, coated (SOLD)

I sent my stock header to Boosted 2.0 to be ported and coated (Polydyn coated it in their new titanium color. It uses a new boron resin that provides thermal stability to 3600F and superior insulation and resistance to discoloring).

Boosted did a great job (as usual) but now I've decided to go a different way (replacing entire exhaust system, header, sport cat and muffler).
I never installed the ported/ coated header and am now offering it for sale.

It cost me $155 for the porting and &170 for the coating.

I'll sell it for $250 plus shipping

Here is Boosted's link if you're interested in reading up on it:
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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