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FS: Brand new in box Ethos wheels

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Ordered these wheels from Sector 111 when they first came out and then bought another Exige that came with 2 sets of wheels as well as a set of Cup wheels. These are brand new - still in the original box and packing material. I only took them out to admire them and inspect them for damage upon arrival. They have just been sitting in the boxes in my garage. These are for an Elise/Exige, sized 16x7 (F) and 17x8 (R).

One caveat - there is a prospective local buyer who would get dibs assuming he comes through. If not, these are officially for sale.

Local buyers get first priority. Asking $1250, which would save the buyer over $100 in taxes and what is often a 4-6 month wait on the wheels. May consider shipping if I get no local takers, but hoping to avoid the loss in shipping costs (plus the taxes I paid).

They are in the 2 large brown boxes on the lower right in the attached picture (2 wheels per box, each in its own enclosed box, as shipped from Sector 111). Yes, I have too many wheels, and this pic does not show several other sets of wheels I have in storage.

Will also consider a trade for good condition OEM LSS wheels, preferably in black.


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Those are the wheels, and they are black. Can't remember the specific finish, but I'm pretty sure they are not gloss. They are matte or something close to that. I'll check and try to get a good photo later.

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Great rims but unfortunately right now they are available with no wait for basically the same price, NO tax if you aren't in CA and free shipping. Going to be hard to convince someone to take the chance on second hand (even if they are new) from the forum when they can get brand new from the vendor for the same price. Just my .02
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