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Well, the time has come for me to sell my “Euro” motored 3.2 liter 1995 M3. I have had this car for 8.5 years, and it has been a true pleasure to own. However, it is time to move onto a new adventure, so with some regret, I am putting it up for sale:

- 1995 BMW M3 chassis manufactured 4/94 (#00549 of the US E36 M3’s ever built).
- Dakar Yellow paint
- 120k chassis miles
- 63k original drive train miles
- 3.2 Liter S50B32 “Euro” 321 hp engine with 6-throttle bodies, spaghetti headers, the whole deal. ½ the engine found in a McLaren F1 :cool: 70,000 miles
- 6-speed Getrag “Euro” E36 M3 gearbox with OEM driveshaft and 6-speed OEM BMW “M” shift knob
- All original Euro under-hood power train parts, from air box to Exhaust, including factory oil cooler, Euro P/S pump, alternator, starter, Euro cats, Euro exhaust,
- Half-shaft and driveshaft center bearing replaced recently
- UUC Motorworks Stage II Lightweight flywheel and E34 M5 clutch (35k miles)
- 3.15 original differential
- BMW E36 325i clutch slave cylinder, <20k miles, replaced 8/04
- NO A/C. As with many cars in Europe, the one that my engine came from did not have A/C. This saves significant weight. Probably 30-40 lbs for whole assembly including compressor, condenser and refrigerant lines
- “Euro” instrument cluster with 7600 rpm redline and integrated oil temperature gauge
- “Euro” 3-core radiator replaced 13k miles ago
- Full 18-button on board trip computer (OBC)
- Heated seats
- 6-speed CD player
- Battery replaced 6/03 with new OEM sealed unit
- Sunroof
- Adjustable steering column
- Black leather interior with “Vader” seats
- Hardwired for V1 ($200 extra for V1 unit)
- 8.5x17 BMW Double-spoke II wheels (full spare set – no tired)
- 8.5x17 BMW forged “LTW” Style 24 polished wheels (Toyo RA1 255/40/17 with 80%+ of tread remaining)
- Original Spare BMW Double-spoke I wheel (however tire has been replaced as it was too old) Current spare tire is a Nitto with minimal tread 235/40/17.
- PPG windshield (resists sand pitting much better than OEM BMW Sekurit windshield. Replaced 6/04.
- KMAC adjustable front camber/caster plates
- OEM BMW original “LTW” front strut tower brace, with original black nuts (currently using open-ended E46 M3 nuts to provide compatibility with KMAC camber plates)
- BMP Design Rear strut tower brace
- Ground Control rear shock mounts, with rubber bushings replaced within the last 30k miles
- Carbon Fiber MA Shaw rear deck lid (painted factory Dakar I)
- “Euro” OEM BMW corner and side marker lights

- H&R coilovers with 340/380 progressive rate springs. Approximately 60k miles on dampers. Comes with H&R coilover wrenches
- Racing Dynamics front and rear adjustable sway bars and rear sway bar links
- Ground Control adjustable front sway bar link (only 1 side… all that is necessary).
- Active Autowerke spherical-bearing trailing arm bushings. Approximately 30k miles.
- Powerflex polyurethane front control arm bushings (offset)
- “Euro” floating rotors
- OEM rear rotors
- Schroth 4-point seatbelts, driver and passenger
- Redline 75W90 oil in transmission and differential (30k miles)
- Mobil 1 15W50 oil used. Oil changed every 5000 miles, with filters changed every 2500 miles.
- New updated (1998+) OEM front sub frame with additional Turner reinforcement plates welded on by Tony Collichio of TC Design (
- Custom rear sway bar tabs supports welded into place, installed by Tony Collechio
- ATE SuperBlue (Type 200) brake fluid (last flushed 10/2004)
- New OEM motor mounts (35k miles ago)
- AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals
- Very slightly rolled rear fenders to fit 255 width tires in the back, for getting the power down
- Brake pad wear sensor delete

- Spare set of Hawk Blue brake pads
- Spare set of front Brembo front brake rotors
- OEM brake pads (both axles, 70% of pad remaining)
- New-in-box OEM M3 floor mats with “M3” logo
- Extra fuel pump for dual-fuel pump install
- BMP Design M3 Car cover with cable lock and storage bag
- BMW leather bra (multi-piece)
- OEM BMW “Euro”convex glass for driver’s side mirror
- H&R 5 mm spacers with 10 lengthened lug bolts (not needed for current wheel setup)
- 68 OEM BMW valve shims in sizes ranging from 2.50 mm up to 3.50 mm ($7/piece from BMW)
- Original US Instrument cluster which displays 83,xxx miles
- Extra OEM oxygen sensors (1 set)
- A few boxes of miscellaneous “Euro” parts


Q: Will this car pass smog?

A: Technically, yes. It will pass the sniffer test in CA and if you can find a mechanic who does not know the difference between a US engine and a Euro engine, since it is OBD-I and the Euro cluster has a check engine light (can be wired up) you can certainly pass if you’re determined to (as I have been).

Q: Will you smog this car for me? (California residents only)

A: No. I think the intended buyer of this car is one who does not need to circumvent local smog regulations to register this car, such as an out of state buyer, or someone intending to turn this into an off-road vehicle such as a C mod or D mod BMW Club race car.

Q: Have you had the car dyno’ed?

A: Sadly, no. The engine is factory-stock (for a “Euro” car) except for the flywheel and clutch and should make 321 hp at crankshaft according to the factory. I have had the opportunity to drive another S50B32 powered E36 M3, and mine felt every bit as powerful and I have no reason to believe I am making anything less than stock power. For reference, an S50B32 typically puts down 265-275 horsepower to the rear wheels. The US model puts down somewhere in the 205-210 range.

It has had regular valve adjustments at 15k mile intervals and the last time all valves were either in spec or off by .05 mm. Valve adjustment work has been done by Bill Arnold in San Rafael, CA.

Q: Are any of the parts for sale?

A: Standard answer, if the buyer does not arrange to buy all of the parts, what is left over will be made for sale at that time.

Q: Any known problems?

A: First off I should start off by saying that this car is not a “garage queen” or anything close to a cream-puff. It has been used as daily transport for many years, however has received prompt and fastidious mechanical care. The driver’s side bolster is fairly well worn. The brake booster is probably suffering from a minor internal leak, as the pedal is a bit squishy, which is a common E36 problem and is not considered a safety concern.

Q: Has this car ever had paint work?

A: Yes, though all bolt-on body panels are original, except for the trunk lid which was replaced with a carbon-fiber unit. The rear bumper has also been replaced.

Q: Who has serviced this car?

A: In my 5 years since moving to California, it has been serviced at Rennwerks in Mountain View, Bavarian Motorsport in Milpitas, and Bill Arnold BMW Repair in San Rafael.

Q: Do you have maintenance paperwork?

A: Yes, a couple inches thick worth. I don’t claim that it is complete, but there is quite a bit here and it will happily be provided with the car.

Q: Price?

A: Ask. Depends on what you want & what sort of deal we can work out.


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