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Carbone Lorraine brake pads are made from Sintered Metal. The RC5+ pad compound is designed for light car applications and endurance racing. They have an average friction coefficient of μ=0.4 and are very effective from cold, giving excellent initial bite yet will still not deteriorate in braking over 1000 °C.

For me, these were a huge improvement from stock pads, but you need to be careful about getting them wet after washing the car (follow the directions).

Original cost from S111 - $287 (F-$133 / R-$154)
Pads installed - 8/20/11
Pads removed - 6/6/12
Two track days + 5,300 miles (2,300 of those miles were highway miles for my trip to LOG31) :)

Here are the remaining pad material measurements (not including the backing plate):
LF -- 6.8mm / 7.3mm
RF -- 7.3mm / 7.6mm
LR -- 6.2mm / 6.3mm
RR -- 6.8mm / 7.0mm

$150 shipped to your door in the Continental US

I'm switching to full race pads (Carbotechs) and given the compound difference, I can't use these as my street pad.
Otherwise I would definitely keep these.
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