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FS: Chase Cam PDR 100 with camera head carrying bag. $1000 value selling$250 Florida.

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Tough Enough for the Best
The PDR100 is the core of the ChaseCam video acquisition system. This rugged, solid-state Personal Digital Recorder is used in Formula 1, Off-Road Trophy Trucks, Motorcycles, and countless other forms of sport and competition. It's even been worn by soldiers in battle! We have over 7000 PDR100 recorders in the field!

New Feature: AUTO-RECORD!
Developed for the SPEED World Challenge series, we've utilized our new Supercaps capacitors and our popular G-Force Module to automatically record an entire weekend of racing, without pushing a button! Here's how it works:
1) The PDR100 will power on as soon as it receives power.
2) The G-Force Module will trigger the PDR100 to begin recording once it senses vehicle motion. You set the sensitivity.
3) The G-Force Module will trigger the PDR100 to stop recording after it senses no motion for a period of time (user set).
4) The Supercaps will power down the PDR100 approx 5 seconds after wired power is terminated.
Auto-Record is now standard on all PDR-100s.

Hayes 772-299-9788

Summary of Features
100% Solid State--no moving parts.
One button on/record/stop/off
Saves video directly to a standard Compact Flash card (MPEG2 video format)
Supports up to 32GB Compact Flash cards--up to 16 hours of video at Normal quality (8 hours at Highest)
Integrated dual microphone with adjustable gain.
Plugs directly into any RCA-equipped monitor to view live or recorded video.
Powered by external 12V DC power (AC adapter and battery pack available).
Supplies 12V power to your remote camera (300ma max).
Field upgradeable--download the latest firmware from our website.
Auto-sensing NTSC or PAL video formats.
User-selectable video quality and resolution.
Continuous recording capable/Loop Mode.
Date and Time stamp.
Compatible with G-Force Module and Remote Controls, many data acquisition via RS-232 port.
LANC compatible.
MP3 compatible.
Made in USA.

Includes Chase Cam camera head ($250 new) and Chase Cam bag.

$795 new. Selling for $250 used with camera head.

Hayes 772-299-9788