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FS: Custom console, hardtop trim, stock diffuser...

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Hello All, Here's what was in my garage when I got back home after the wreck without :( my car. So without further ado, ::::

For Sale:

Custom Leather / CF Look Console and suede black stick shift boot with yellow stitching. No mounting hardware. **SOLD**

Stock diffuser and rear panel. Diffuser looks like it was sprayed black. Ghetto but functional. Gifts from guy whose Elise was totaled. (Deja vu?)

2 Proxes R888s with some meat on them (same source as above)

Passenger Footrest dillio. Took it out to accommodate my luggage.

Stock Oil Cap. Was able to southpocket the super fresh drilled out aftermarket one before the tow truck came.

Stock Front Tow Hook. Had just put a beautiful red folding $80. one on just 2short weeks before the wreck. Yaaah. *SOLD*

Fresh air cleaner element for stock box.

2 pcs of what I believe are trim for the hardtop. *SOLD*

Stock CAT. Nice Shape. REASONABLE Offers Please.

If I am able to purchase the wreck from the insurance company, my business partner and I will salvage every last piece we can for you guys. No dibs yet please, we don't know yet if we can get it or not, or for how much.

Everything electrical has already been spoken for IF we get it, as well as the soft top. But there are a ton of interior parts, engine cover, motor, trans, etc. All windows, the list goes on and on. Believe me, if we can we will grab it. I know that there are a lot of guys out there just like me who need parts and can't or just plain don't feel like paying out the nose for them.

Not for sale: Still in the box Clam hinge kit that Santa brought, brand new still in the box flywheel, clutch, and bolts, and brand new Lowtush splitter. Saving for Revenge of Yellow Car.

I'll start researching how much these bits cost new. Generally I think 1/2 price off original is fair, obviously open to package deals. Open to Elise/Exige part trades, depending on what cha got.

Parts are in TX: will ship except in the case of the tires. Can meet in Austin if need be. Cheers and watch out for those Big Rigs, boys. Almost got me.


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Looks like the price for the Console new is 385, I'm assuming that was one color, this is custom, but just for a base to go off of

The gearlever gaiter, #22, lists at $72)

So I would say $150 + shipping for the console or $200 shipped for Both.

Please note that you would need #23, 4 or 5 of #24, and a #27. the retaining clips and rings.

Let me know.

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I'm sorry 'clipse. Didn't even look on WTB.
Now I know how it feels to be on the other side of this fence.
You see something you want only to find out it's been snatched up already.
Tow Hook sold in all of a half hour.

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If you decide to sell the clutch/flywheel/bolts and/or clam hinge lmk

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Thanks, but as stated, Those are spares for my Next Lotus.
I've been getting a lot of PM's about them. Guess I should have omitted that pic. Please note! The clutch, flywheel, splitter, and Clamhinge are Not for sale. The tow hook and hard top trim pieces are SOLD and shipping today. The rest is still available. Thanks.
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