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FS: Custom glove box panel

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Up for sale is my custom glove box panel. I saw a post for this 3 years ago right after I bought my car and I jumped on it - I've never seen one for sale here since (and can't remember who even made it). It's very simple - you use velcro tape (you'll need to get some) to stick it to the aluminum tray where the AC controls are and it turns it into a glovebox. It's amazing how "factory" it looks when installed. Oh, and it's still very light ;-) I realize it's just a thin piece of metal with a flap cut in it - but given it's uniqueness I'm going to price it a little high (I paid this much new).

$125 shipped

(and yes, I'm sure I have a picture of it installed but I'm not willing to try to find one!)

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