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SOLD: Custom Trailer hitch for Elise/Exige

Custom Trailer hitch for Elise or Exige

I sold my car and this is one of the last bits I need to sell. I had this made up by a local fabricator that I know. It is mostly 1.5" steel tubing. Like most other Elise/Exige hitches it requires 2 holes drilled in the steel lower rear frame cross member (same piece that the larger rear diffuser bolts are mounted to). The front of the unit bolts to the existing threaded holes up by the diffuser air ducts. If you bolt it up with the 2 front bolts, you can use the unit as a guide to drill the rear holes in the proper place. With a long 7/16" drill bit its actually not hard at all, as the steel beam you drill through is quite wide. All mounting hardware is included.

I used it to pull the small 4x4 harbor freight trailer with 4 wheels + tool box to autox.

The nice thing about this hitch is that you can quickly/easily take out the rear half for times when you are not towing. The rear section is held in with 2 hitch pins, and the remaining part on the underside is not real visible because it ends ~2 feet in front of the rear diffuser edge.

Asking $300 shipped in the US
Paypal is fine if you have a verified account

Mounted on the car (note the piece of sheet metal is just a simple exhaust shield I added, can easily be removed):

Mounted on the car with rear half removed:

In use, notice none of the front half of the unit is visible.
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