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I have a very cool custom diffuser for sale. The customer who ordered it realized that it would void him from Autocross since the body is an inch longer than the rules allow. So we are making him a shorter one.

It's a 5 element original, no exhaust hole. It's basically like our old school diffusers from 2010. It's 3 inches longer than the OEM diffuser (our originals/railer jr's are 2 inches longer than oem to give you an idea). So it's a bit longer, and looks sick. Still sits 5 inches off ground, parallel to the ground like all of our others do.

Rare chance to own a custom diffuser. Same price as our 5 element original, and it's brand new, never installed.


Don't have pics because it's boxed up and ready to ship, but here's what it will look like from the top view:

PM me.
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