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FS: Misc Parts Elise and Exige


1- stock muffler ----$50.00
1- stock cat conv ---$75.00
1- stock Exh man with shields---$60.00
1- stock exh manifold ,no shields,no lower mounting boss--$25.00----SOLD
1- stock fuel tank----$150.00
1- stock fuel pump and sender whole assembly--$100.00-----SOLD
1- LF upright/brg carrier/ spindle---$100.00
1 -RF upright-brg barrier/spindle---$100.00
1--RR upright/brg carrier/spindle-----$100.00
1--LR upright/brg carrier/spindle------$100.00
4--brake rotors----$40.00 each
4---stainless steel brake lines--$40.00-----SOLD
2--steering arms---$60.00 for the pair-------SOLD
4--wheel brgs-----$50.00 each-------------3 SOLD -ONE LEFT
1--LH access panel yellow for Elise---$30.00---------SOLD
1- aluminum fuel filler lid assembly----$100.00--------SOLD
1-LH panel in front of door for elise- yellow -$105.00
1- RH panel in front of door for elise--yellow-$105.00
2- mudflaps-------------------------------$20.00
2- battery covers--------------------------$15.00 each
1- complete set of rugs and foam pad for Elise trunk--$35.00
1- big aluminum heat shield under trunk--------------$50.00
1- rear window Elise -------------------------$25.00
1- complete rear grill panel with reflectors/grills/licence plate mount---$80.00

paypal is
contact me for UPS charges
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