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FS: Elise Probax cloth seats in black

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Hey guys,
I haven't posted on here in quite a while, but its time I start selling some car parts and getting back to living simple (moving), and since these seats never made it into my Miata...they'll go first. With that said, I thought I would offer them back to you guys (i.e. Elise/Exige owners) before I put them up for sale on the local SCCA forum.

The seats look brand new. I don't know the mileage on them, but they do not have any wear/tear on fabric and no discoloration. The shell on one has a small scuff of what looks like white paint on the upper backside, but its nothing that can't be lightly sanded off.
I won't ship as of yet, simply because I do not have time to run to the local UPS store (if there is even one around here) and figure shipping and packaging. Once work slows down a bit and class isn't as hectic that may change.

Price: $1000, picked up.

I'll also deliver to Barber Motorsports Park if anyone is coming out there for any events/track time this spring.

Btw, price somewhat negotiable. I'm not exactly sure what these seats should go for.

Please disregard the room, helmet, and hardtop cart. This my current car parts room for the time being.

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Pictures are up. My apologies on this taking so long. I haven't been over to my parent's house to take pictures since I moved, until today..

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