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FS: Evora: Larini Test Pipe and Supersprint Sport Muffler (Racing Edition)

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SOLD: Evora: Larini Test Pipe & Supersprint Sport Muffler (Racing Edition)


I have a Larini Test Pipe (with O2 Bungs) and/or a Supersprint Sport Muffler (racing edition) here in Orlando, FL. This is louder than Supersprint's regular Sport Edition, which is comparable to the Lotus' OEM Sport Edition Muffler (which ironically, does not come with Lotus' sport package upgrade)

New, the Supersprint is $1,564.88 (today's euro exchange rate) without shipping from overseas. New, the Larini Test Pipe is $240 without shipping.

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Anyone know if this will work on a 2012 Evora S?
Muffler will work no problem, just may need to switch to the earlier style hanger bushings but those are $20 or so a piece. Decat pipes changed in 2012. This looks to be an earlier one so it would not fit your 2012 without modification.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts