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FS: Exige, Elise 2010+ Wing & Upright

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Have new stock:

The attached pictures are 2010+ Rear Wing Blade & Uprights:

Wind Blade alone is 1.9Kg.
Uprights is 1.0Kg.

Has 4pcs M6 nuts insert in the blade.
Not counting the 4 X M6 bolts's weight.

- Available in 100% Dry Carbon Fiber, Glossy coating Only
- Only have 2 full sets & 2 blades

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EMS or Speedpost to major city worldwide.

Wing Blade + Uprights:
- For 100% Carbon Fiber, in glossy only is USD955.00 shipped

Wing Blade only:
- For 100% Carbon Fiber, in glossy only is USD735.00 shipped

#. LT Screen Name, Full Set or Wing only.

[/B][/U]Group Buy Payment:[/B][/U]
- Please send your Paypal payment to : charles ( at ) wahyuen ( dot ) com

Must put in details in the Paypal comment:
“LT Screen Name, what you order + your tel # "

Please double check your shipping address in your Paypal.[/QUOTE]

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Hi Charles
Will these fit the the. Rover S2
Viewing on IPad and not able to see pics ... But do the uprights only fix to the claim? Building a race car with quick release rear claim and would like wing to remove in one piece with the claim ?
If you could shown picture of wing / upright fixed to clam thathat would be appreciated .

Price will include shipping to NZ ? You could send with my side pods which I understand are nearly ready to go .
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