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FS : 06 CO Exige W/BWR SC + RAC Monolites

One Owner
96XX Miles
$41,000 OBO
Located in Westchester, NY

BWR S/C Installed Recently (tons of power)
RAC Monolites with Brand New Toyo R888's
Zeitronix Wideband with A/F Ratio and EGT

Pagid RS-14 Pads, Stage II Exhaust, Micro Mirror, Craftsquare CF Mirrors, 4tress Harness Bar, Driver and Passenger Schroth Harnesses, Green Air Filter, Ecliptech Shift Light, Rear Panel Elim, Braille Battery, Halon Fire Extinguisher, front and rear tow hooks

Sorry the photo is not with the RAC's installed. The LSS Wheels are gone and do not come with the package. I will update this with some more pictures this weekend when I return home.

Car has been tracked 5 times with no offs. Spun it once at Watkins though staying on the pavement the whole time, now that's skill, haha. It has always been garaged.

All scheduled maintenance has been done throughout the life of the car plus extra appointments for track days.

The only flaw is a hairline crack in the front splitter (not the clam, the black splitter on the front of the car) from touching the road on a steep turn but isn't noticeable unless you're really looking for it.

Since there is no discussion in these forums and someone will ask, I'm selling the car because I moved back to Manhattan and I'm just not driving it. It's a shame for such a fun toy to sit alone in a garage all summer. So it's looking for a good home and a good owner.

Looking to sell in Late August but will do sooner for the right person... Dog not included...

Edit: Car is paid for with title in hand... PM me if interested...

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New pics anytime soon? :D
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