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I was just told by my crew that they won't be needing to use my enclosed trailer anymore to haul my Elise to tracks because they picked up another trailer for that.

This 1994 Wells Cargo enclosed trailer is a 16 foot by 7.5 foot box, which is plenty wide for an Elise or an Exige, but probably not for something bigger like a Corvette etc. Even with the fuel jug holders in front it fits our cars with a couple feet to spare. There are 2 tire racks in it as well. The benefit of being smaller is that for a steel trailer it is amazingly light, just 2070 pounds. With my Elise in it, plus some gas, tools and extra tires it still weighed less than 5-6000 pounds, which is no sweat for almost anything with a tow hitch. In my Cayenne I could barely tell it was back there.

Over ~4 years I had zero issues with it. Sure, the paint is faded by the sun and the paint on the fenders its flaking (so I respray that once a year), and the guy who owned it before me cracked the rear corner of the fiberglass end piece (which I simply taped up with matching white tape), but it is totally functional (E-track for the front wheels/cargo and D rings for the rear), and did I mention cheap? Like $2500 OBO cheap. It is in Baltimore at the moment.


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