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It's been 2 years since the first Unikey was sold. Alain and I want to give out these stickers for free to those original purchasers and make their Unikeys cool again. These are the awesome quality stickers and will definitely be great to replace your old scratched up ones. email me at [email protected]

* you get a free pair of stickers.
* color choice based on availability
* All you pay is $5 for shipping & handling


if you don't have a Unikey and still want the stickers:

* $20 shipped for a pair (specify color choice)
there are lots of applications to these, I put them to cover up the holes where you adjust/remove the side mirrors. My buddy puts it on the cluster...etc.

I only have around 30+ yellow/green ones and 30+ black/chrome ones
diameter of the sticker is 0.5 inch


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hi Terry, I sent you an email on getting a set.... thanks.
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