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[SOLD/TRADED] 2005 Ardent Red Lotus Elise Sport Pack Only

---------------=*[SOLD / TRADED]*=----------------

2005 Ardent Red Lotus Elise Sport Pack Only
59,XXX Miles
Clean Title

Ardent Red
Sport Pack
Soft Top

$120 - Odyssey PC680 Lightweight Battery
$315 - Vision Function / Charlie-X NA ECU Flash
$275 - TopSpeed F1 Cat-back Exhaust (got with 1,500 miles off LT)
$640 - Full NCI Mesh Grill Kit (Kevin on LT)
$115 - Sector 111 Trunk Bootie
$335 - Fiber Glass Exige Scoops (Chuck Risen on LT)
$200 - Painted Door Panels (by Monster Paint Garage)
$150 - Painted Engine Covers (by Monster Paint Garage)
$XXX - Painted Console / HVAC trim (by Monster Paint Garage)
$950 - BOE Clam Hinge Kit (installed by Monster Paint Garage see notes)
$648 - DBA 4000 Rotors / Hawk Ceramic || Hawk HPS Pads
$680 - BG Goodrich Sport Comp 2 205/50ZR16 || 235/45ZR17
$200 - Kenwood KIV-BT900 (bought from my friend second hand)

$29,000 OBO
As noted below I'm looking to purchase a FR-S after I sell so I would entertain a trade into a FR-S / BRZ

Jackson, TN (in-between Memphis / Nashville)

Attached in an Excel Spreadsheet

This car has been in a total of two minor accidents. The previous owner was rear-ended in traffic, the entire rear clam was replaced by insurance (total invoice was $7,800+ with labor). Earlier this year in March someone decided they wanted to back over my car so I got the opportunity to get a new front clam to match the back one. The damage was minor and easily fixable but since I have a great insurance company I've been with 8 years now and I have a great shop I've been using for those same years I decided to have it completely done right with insurance. The Front Clam, Driver Side Headlight assembly, the Drive side blinker lamp, and all the star-shield was purchased from the Lotus Dealer in St. Louis and hand delivered to Monster Paint Garage in Jackson; Parts total was 7,000+ (labor was separate). I have the parts receipts from the dealer and all the invoices for the work from Monster Paint for documentation. I do not have the documentation from the last owner on the first accident receipts / invoices and the dealer in North Carolina that did the work will not give me a copy, they would only confirm the total and what was replaced.

The plus side to the accident is the car has a brand new front clam, star-shield, and paint :). While it was in the shop I had the BOE Clam Hinge installed while the front was off. I also had Ken at Monster Paint go over everything from front to back completely while we had both clams off the car. Ken said everything looked great, he went ahead and touched up the paint in places while he had it in the paint booth on the rockers and other spots on the rear clam not covered in star-shield.

Regarding parts added above I do have the original exhaust to go with the car, the snorkel tube, original plastic grills except oil cooler grills (one broke taking them out), original battery box, trunk liner and carpet, and also a RLS odyssey bracket (which the battery is now moved with the BOE hinge).

Car runs top I've kept maintenance a number one priority on this car as I've done all my cars. I've flushed the coolant, changed spark plugs, flushed transmission (Redline), replaced rotors / pads, tires, regular oil changes (RP). I don't trust any shop anywhere near me for maintenance or regular work I rather do it myself since I have all the tools and the know how. I've owned this car since it had 37,000ish miles on it and have never had a single issue since I've owned it. No stalls, no running issues, no strange noises, or ever getting stranded. I recently did my first HPDE in this car which was an absolute blast! My instructor is a member here with a 07 Exige S (M. Shane Long), I wanted him to see how my BFG SC2's would do so I let him take it 3-4 laps around the track (MIR). He immediately commented after those laps at how tight the suspension felt, how smooth the motor revved even compared to his 07 Exige S. He was pretty shocked it had 54,000ish miles at the time on it for how tight and responsive it felt. I'll put up some passes recorded at the track on the straight away from my friend, car sounds great with the TopSpeed F1 exhaust. When we weighted the car as it currently sits it weighed 2060 pounds with me and a full tank of gas in it which is impressive.

I've never had any leaks or issues with my oil coolers, I've never seen the motor burn any oil other than the HPDE weekend. I ran two straight days 8am to 6:30pm and I burnt less than a 1/4 of a quart in the whole weekend. Typically between changes 6000-7000 miles I never have had to add any oil from regular DD'ing (60 mile a day work commute) and I do see redline at least once a day. I've never had any issues with coolant leaks or seeping at the radiator fittings or back at the motor, I've never had to top the coolant before the flush or after. The AC does blow very cold though I have not checked the coolant level or charged it since I've owned the car (not sure the previous owners).

My wife and I are preparing for our first child and I really need something practical and safe considering this is my only car (my DD) and I don't want to worry about not having something more practical when it's needed and my wife's working. I finally settled after test driving some replacement cars that I could settle on a FR-S and still enjoy the windy roads and the HPDE weekends while getting safety and practicality.

I know I've more than likely left out some things as it's almost 11:20pm on a Sunday night so I'll go back and add them as I remember them :). Also if you notice below I made sure we kept the rear panel because I don't like the open delete look all that much and we kept the rear center brake light though BOE says to just chunk it (what the crap!)

Mark @ 731-TWO15-FOUR53ZERO (cell so text is okay too) or markcmiller at gmail dot com (e-mail) or PM me here.

Accident in March damage pictures

176 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

177 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

After repair and current

2012-08-11 14.28.28 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-08-11 14.28.43 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-08-11 14.29.05 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-08-11 14.29.14 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-08-11 16.37.14 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.54.28 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.54.34 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.54.50 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.54.57 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.55.10 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.55.23 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.55.38 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.55.58 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.56.02 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.56.13 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.56.18 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.56.31 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr

2012-09-01 15.56.40 by TheMarknessROCK, on Flickr


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Wanted to post up a video of some passes of the car from the track (July 15th NASA @ MIR). Love that TopSpeed exhaust! :)

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