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SOLD: (IL/WI) Driftbox GPS performance meter/data aquisition sys.

Hi Everyone,

I have a Driftbox GPS-based performance meter/data acquisition system for sale. If you aren't familiar with this system, full details are available here: PerformanceBox and DriftBox from VBOX USA The Driftbox and the Performancebox variant have been discussed a few times here on LT as well. There was even a group buy last summer.

It is in perfect condition, in the box with the original accessories. It has been activated and has the latest firmware installed as well.I also have a custom 9v battery power adapter that lets you use the unit outside of the car. This is handy for setting the start/finish lines while walking the course or when uploading data to your laptop.

They list for $750, but I'm asking $550 shipped.

I'm located in Racine, WI which is 20mins. North of Gurnee, and 20mins. South of downtown Milwaukee. You're welcomed to pick it in person if you'd like.

PM me with any questions.



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