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FS: Katana 2 SuperCharger Kit

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This is an almost complete Katana 2 Super Charger Kit for sale.

You will need new gaskets, maybe belt, and a tune. Most shops can do all of that for you when they install it. I recommend Dietshwerks and Suspension Performance in the South Bay Area. Both of them will do a great job installing it.

Asking $2900, preferably local pickup in the Bay area.
Price Drop to $2800 Shipped! or $2600 local pickup

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Hey justinvb, how many miles are on the kit? Any chance you'd ship to so-cal?
I put maybe 10K, and I think there was 8K before me. Total ~18K mile or so.
Both times were installed by Rob at Dietshwerks in San Jose.

I can ship if I have to..
Right on. What do they charge for an install/tune? if you don't mind me asking. I'm like 30 mins away from s111 so I'm just trying to ballpark a rough estimate of what I'm looking at when it's all said and done.
An install should not cost more than $1000, including the parts, AFAIK
Cool, thanks for the info. I've had my eye on the boe system for the easier upgrade path so I'll have to take a pass on this one. If you don't get any bites and lower the price, shoot me a pm
S111 quoted me 11 hours at $110/hr to install + the gasket and belt. Another $500 or so for a tune brought it closer to $2,000 or just under. I'd end up only saving a couple hundred bucks vs going brand new (the new price includes a tune)
wow.. that sounds a little extreme. I paid about 1000 for the install, and the uninstall. Maybe ask around for a second quote. Maybe call A1 auto in temple city in LA? - I heard they do great work for a lot cheaper, and do a lot of SC installs.

A tune from Koldfire is $600, and I would imagine it to be the same from CharlieX or wherever. I was under the impression that the katana kit comes with the secant tune, which is transferable to others (i.e. free, just send in your ECU). maybe not? I don't know for sure.

At any rate, this SC should save you $1300 (pre tax) off of a new one, not counting tune. 2900 is also just my asking price..
Actually, the CharlieX tune is 350: CharlieX BWR / Katana ECU Flash
also, I heard that A1 auto in LA (in temple city) is an authorized vision function dealer..
pm sent.
Hi Justin, I was wondering about your other thread in regards to your aero pieces for sale. I sent you a few msgs but haven't received any response. I'm back in SF now, can you hit me up and let me know if they are still available? Thanks.
Price Drop to $2800 Shipped! or $2600 local pickup
Hey Justin, are you parting out your car, or new build plan?
This was from parting out the previously sold elise.
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