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FS---Kluhsman Racing: Brake heat shields (new)

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I was going to use these on the CF-T Elise but never had a brake fade issue because of the cars light weight .

These were $215 plus S&H. I had to send in the pads and get them made to fit. If someone wants to do that then they will have to take there's off, pay for shipping both ways and wait 1-2 weeks. So it's going to be an additional $20 or so for the 2 way postage. They did not keep the template so it's a complete start over for them. I apparently was the only one that new about them that had a Lotus. The are pretty much standard issue on NASCAR and the like.

I have a set on my Diasio D962R and they are still good after 3 years of racing and track days. The hotter the brakes get the better they work at soaking the heat away from the pads.

These were the first set they made for an Elise / Exige and the material is rather scarce so no idea how much longer they will be making them. It is Space Shuttle nose cone insulation.

I'm getting another set to keep on hand for the Diasio.

They are very easy to install and should take less than an hour for all 4 corners.

With shipping I'll let them go for $200. I can take PayPal. Ready for shipment as soon as payment is confirmed.


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