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This Larini high flow (sport) cat has been used for 8,000 miles and is in full working order. Its stainless steel and the spots are in the pictures are tarnish not rust.

I am going to be using a test pipe in place of the cat. Originial purchase price was $750. Send me an offer if you are interested. I can ship it ground for free using my Fedex account if the offer is good.

From Sector 111 website:

Larini Sports Cat
Price: $752.00

The Lotus Elise/Exige incorporates a single, 600 cell per square inch ceramic 'cat', offering an approximate 55% flow area. The factory cat is hugely restrictive. In addition, the catalyst section incorporates a large divider internally, running down the center of its pipework, to regulate excessive pressure levels for the restrictive OE exhaust. Ultimately, this combined arrangement saps power.

The Larini METALLIC Sports Cat incorporates only 200-cells, and offers a flow area of approximately 96%. This arrangement is the performance ideal - significantly adjusting backpressure levels and enabling increased flow rates. Exhaust flow is almost completely unobstructed through this 'sports' component and as result there is an extremely noticeable power gain. Once fitted, one can expect much sharper throttle response from a now free-revving engine, with cooler operating temperatures. Temperatures are reduced, as accelerated gas-flow minimizes engine-bay temperatures by dissipating heat more effectively. This is particularly important for improved performance, as cooler temperatures boost engine efficiency while protecting the manifolds from damage.

Key Features:

Delivers an extra 7 bhp approximately.
Delivers an extra 16 lb-ft of torque approximately.
200 cells per square inch for maximum flow with minimal backpressure.
Guarantees a more free-revving engine with improved throttle response.
Significant horsepower gains and a huge increase in torque.
Engineered for maximum flow efficiency, using complex internal METALLIC Cat cores (Larini Metalith).
Parabolic megaphone inlet cone design guarantees even flow distribution across the Metalith core - whilst minimizing packaging length.
Reversion pulse outlet cone activates catalytic material for full length of the Metalith.
Ultra durable T.316 Austenitic stainless steel heat casing protects components from heat distortion. Cat is rated up to 300 bhp.
Vastly freer flowing in comparison to the standard ceramic cat. Direct bolt-on replacement for the OE catalyst.
Massively accelerated gas-flow reduces engine bay and operating temperatures.
Cat is fully 'Mirror Finish' Polished.
'Satina' polished and 'Lime Chalk' waxed pipe work.
100% TIG welding construction.
Correctly positioned, heat-distortion resistant, CNC-machined stainless steel Lambda bosses and heat probe connections.
Precision engineered for accurate fit.
The original heat shielding is retained.
2lbs lighter than stock (sport cat=8.6 lbs).
No modifications required to engine management system.

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No you do not need a reflash. On a header yes, you will definitely need a reflash... A sports cat reduces exhaust back pressure caused by the more restrictive stock cat (600 cells per sq inch stock vs. 200 cells on the sport) which translates into increased horsepower. The sports cat also expels heat better since the exhaust velocity is higher with less restriction.

Sector 111 even advertises the Larinia sport cat as - "No modifications required to engine management system"

Larini Sports Cat for the Lotus Elise and Exige
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