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FS Larini Sports Exhaust

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This is a left over from my new build it has +/-3000 miles on it and is in great condition but does need a polishing if you desire that. No rattles and wound great! $350.00 shipped. The following is from the Larini web site.

Larini 'Sports' System Part No: LA0071SRS
•CAD Designed & CNC Executed
•Aviation Grade T.316 Stainless Steel
•Double Skinned Casing
•Thermal Insulation
•Laser Cut Mounting Brackets
•Tig Welded Assembly
•Mirror Polished Finish
•Dual Walled Tail Pipes
•Precision Engineered For Accurate Fit
•No Adverse Technical Implications
•Larini Systems Lifetime Warranty
•Improved Low Level Tone
•Amplified Mid-Range Note
•Increased High Pitch Acoustics
•'Tuned' Larini 'Note' Under Acceleration
•Unique 'Tone'
•Distinctive 'Howl'
•Sharper, Crisper, Sound Across The Rev Range
•Volume Increases With Revs
•Does Not Resonate Or Drone
•Practical For Regular Use
•Stunning Sound > Still In Keeping With The Marque
•'Sports' System> Advanced Soundtrack & Performance Gains
•'Race' System> Ultimate Weight Saving & Racecar Acoustics
•'Track' System> For Strict Db Sound Tests
•+ Noticeable Bhp Gain Typically
•+ Low/Mid-Range Torque
•Sharper Throttle Response
•Significant Weight Reduction> Benefiting Handling & Braking
•Controlled Temperatures> Aiding Performance Efficiency
•Modulated Back Pressure Levels> Assisting Engine Performance
•Vastly Freer Flowing than OE


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The Exhaust is SOLD thank you
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