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Brand new in box Version 2 circumstances have changed no longer required.

$300 includes Postage anywhere

PM if interested
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Do you have a picture? I guess if the box hasn't been opened, you wouldn't have a picture of the parts...
Just do a search on "Letsla". There are photos within the lengthy thread.
PM sent
pm sent!
Item is now SOLD to FIL pending payment ACE51 you are in line next should it fall over if you are intereted. Ill let peoples know when payment and transaction is complete or not.

FIL you have PM
The build quality is fantastic and greatly improves shifting. Whom ever purchases this will not be disappointed.
I made payment, but forgot to ask if the Kit is for the 2005-2006 or 2007-2008.
Item is SOLD and paid. FIL I sent you a pm car is same as yours 05. Just needs to clear because is an Interntional Transaction. As discussed I will post on Tuesday Ill pm you when I have posted with details.

Thanks very much....
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