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Locost - Lotus Seven Clone

I am selling my Locost autocross racecar, I am building a D-Prepared Miata, so it needs to go. It was originally built by Gene Young, but came with much of the bodywork and mounts removed. I've since built a new rear subframe and reattached all the bodywork and raised the column and shifter for a larger driver. The AIM digital dash in some of the photos is not included. New Hoosiers with a build date of July 2, 2008 were mounted on July 10th and have 12 runs after a Divisional event this weekend.

The price is $7500.00.

Lots of spare parts are included, carbs, ignition, clutch, additional diff with R&P gears, additional rear axle, original bike gauges, factory manual for the bike, CAD drawings, suspension drawings, receipts, ect. One of the reasons I bought this car was the brilliant suspension. The front arms can be adjusted without removing anything or even raising the car. The rear has extremely low roll center and the combo and works brilliantly for autocross.

Originally finished in 2003, modified continually since.
Standard “Book” sized chassis
Right hand drive
Paddle shift 6 speed sequential gearbox
13”X10” Diamond racing wheels
20”X9”X13” Hoosier slicks
20”X9”X13” Hoosier rains tires, with wheels
Tilton dual master cylinder racing pedals
Current weight with all the bodywork back on is approx. 940lbs.

Rear suspension
1st. gen Mazda Rx-7 axle with LSD
Adjustable three link, with Watts link
Double adjustable coilover shocks
Wilwood Dynalight single calipers

Front suspension
Fiero spindles.
Fully adjustable tubular control arms
Wilwood Dynalight single calipers
Woodward custom racing rack and pinion, with changeable ratios
Inboard double adjustable coilover shocks

1993 Honda CBR1000f
Custom car header
Pod air filters
Loud and less loud mufflers

Located in Houston, but I can transport within the San Antonio, Dallas, Houston triangle fairly easy. Can also bring to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah in mid August as I travel there for Speed Week.

Other photos are at: Gallery

Photos of it at a recent event are photos number 112-120, 283-289 and 344 at:

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