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Trying to free up some garage space, so these have to go. Free shipping on all items to within the US. All parts are coming off of an 06 exige with 21k miles.

Factory floor mats (no logos), great condition - $40

Factory shift knob - $30

Transforged key fob housing, great condition (never used) - $15

Lotus logo seatbelt covers, new condition - $15

Aluminum floor fixings male/female from elise-parts - $40 - there is a nick on one of them I've tried to show. Otherwise they're in good condition

Factory coolant reservoir, great condition (just a bit dirty on the outside) - $40

Battery tie downs(bolt not included), good condition - $15. I'll throw in the battery binding posts for free :D

One front hub - replaced these as a precaution but this one spins just fine, I'd say good condition - $50

BOE Rev 400 2nd/front mounted radiator, great condition - $60

Charcoal canister, good condition - $40

Fuel tube - replaced this when doing the Rev 400 conversion - I'll throw it in for free if you buy something else & want it.
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Your prices are always fair and reasonable. Technically that is a comment about pricing without consent from the OP, but I'm guessing the moderators will allow it. GLWS.


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ill buy the floor mats and battery tie downs! best way to contact me is 678-549-75thirtythree
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