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FS: OE trim panels for use with OE harness bar

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These OE trim and speaker panels are compatable with OE harness bar. The trim panel was installed for less than 1 week and is in like new condition. The speaker panels and rivets were never installed and are in as new condition.

If you want to install an OE harness bar on a non-track pack Elise or Exige, the speakers are in the way and must be relocated. This trim panel, plus the speaker panels, are the same panels you get when you have the OE harness bar as part of the track pack and allow you to restore the neat and tidy look just like it came from the factory once you install the OE harness bar.

The parts are easy to install.

Rear trim panel: $200 (Dealer charges $262.99)

Speaker panels: $65 each (Dealer charges $ 90.15 each)

Rivets $10 (Dealer charges $ 17.80)

Actual cost of UPS packing and shipping is extra.​


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If you track your Elise and don't have a 5 or 6 point harness, you are really asking for trouble. Get yourself an OE harness bar to maximize safety and get these trim pieces to keep your car looking neat, tidy and OE.

Then add these pieces and your car will look like it come from the factory.
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