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I'm removing the supercharger from my '06 Elise to be Super Stock legal in the SCCA.

Complete kit (w/ ~15k miles), excluding the **ECU: $2600 + shipping.

- Intake Manifold
- M45 blower
- Injectors
- Intake Manifold cover
- Engine Mount bracket
- Supercharger nose bracket
- Charcoal Canister Pipes
- Charcoal Canister Relocation Bracket
- Fuel Tank to Charcoal Canister relocation Pipe
- Dipstick tube
- Oil vent pipe(breather pipe)
- Belt (I'd replace with new)
- Sparkplugs (I replace these with new)
- Staybar and associated A/C bracket

**The local dealer has confirmed my ECU will work on an '06, or '07. If your car is an '06, I'll gladly trade. If your car is an '07, my ECU will work for you, just plug it in, and I'll sell it for $750. Unfortunatly an '07 ECU won't work for me as it won't be legal in the class I intend to run.. My ECU won't work for an '05, but "could" work on other years with a reflash by the dealer. It's likely easier for you to just reflash yours.

I need to take a new picture as the injectors, sparkplugs, and cover aren't shown.


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Does this work on an Elise with the flat trunk lid? What kind of power gains does it offer? I'll be in Indy in 4 weeks so I could just swap ecu's in person and bring yours back with me (I have an 06 Elise)
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