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Does anyone by chance have a need for an OEM oil pump AND gear assembly? I have a spare one, removed from my personal car at only has 24k miles.

The only reason I replaced it was because I was tearing apart the engine anyway for a top-end race head build, and I figured I might as well upgrade to the billet assembly one at the same time to save on labor overall.

Purely out of preventative maintenance alone. Absolutely nothing wrong with this OEM pump nor the gearset inside. I simply just didn't want to risk having to tear everything apart again years down the road (clam-off job) as I do intend on taking the car to the track, and the stock gearsets are known to be a bit fragile if car is used a lot at the track.

I'm located in South San Francisco Bay Area, California. Considering a brand new OEM one is about $200 (not including the gearset inside), I'd like to ask for $100 for this barely used one, shipped within Continental USA.

Borrowed pictures from MonkeyWrench since I haven't had the chance to clean off the oil residue on mine yet. Haven't even opened the box since the part was removed from my car.
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