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Id like to sell these locally...if this is in the wrong section sorry in advance
Set #1
Fs: Piaa fr-7 rims..specs are +33 offset all around, 4x100, staggered 17x7.5/ are falken azenis in 205/40/17 and 235/40/17 all with about 85% left...wheels are originally off a lotus elise and were dedicated track bends, cracks or major curbs..little nicks here and there but nothjng that cant be polished out...wheels retailed for 439.00 EACH when bought were about $600...
Price: $800 picked up NO LOWBALLERS...will fit all 4x100 vehicles such as integra, civic, mini cooper, etc etc

Set #2
Up for sale is a set of piaa fr-7 wheels specs are 17x7.5/8 staggered 4x100 +33 all around...these wheels retails for 450 each when bought new...wheels are in good does have a slight bend but it still holds air...i was quoted 45 bucks to fix it at boltons classic wheels...they have toyo ra1 tires mounted sizes 235/40/17 (40%)and 205/40/17 (90%) alone were about 700 new...
Price: $600 picked up

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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