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For Sale:

1 Black Powder Coated shifter knob. Bought it, painted the indentations, then tried to fit it to discover that it didn't fit. My bad for not inquiring about fitment prior to purchase I guess.
The dimensions from what I gathered off of it are:
-The larger diameter hole is 7/8"
-I lost my calipers to be able to measure the smaller threaded hole inside the bigger one, but eyeballed it the best I could with a tape measure to be pretty damn close to 5/16". Both sized holes are captured in the 2nd photo.
My 2010 260 has a threaded inner hole of approx. 7/16". So naturally it won't fit.
Was told this ball I'm selling fits an '05 to '09, but don't take my word on it. Instead you can measure what you have and compare the sizes to what I have listed. There's just one small hole towards the rear of the ball like seen in the third pic. I needed a 5/64" allan key to remove it, then just twist ball off by hand, and voila.
Both the ball I'm selling, and the current ball in our car have 7/8" large opening hole. It seems it's just the inner opening threaded hole that differs.
So, selling it for what I got into it.
Painted the 'R' in Red, the straight line gear plane in Silver, and the rest of the numbers in white.
If this appeals to you, then you know where to find me.
Asking for $30 plus you pay for shipping from Canada.


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