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I have THREE (3) RAC monolite wheels for sale. 1 brand new front, 1 brand new rear, and 1 used front with a very slight chip on the edge. Pictures to come.

Here's the story, I had one wheel damaged beyond repair, and my insurance company bought an entire set of 4 from sector111 because sector111 did not sell 1 single black wheel. I had to pay for the wheels that were not being replaced.

Sector111 currently does have a single silver wheel in stock, which sells for $750.

I am selling my THREE (3) black wheels for $1499 + shipping.

An entire set is $3050 on their site -- You could buy my wheels and then buy the single wheel from them and then repaint it to black, or even repaint the entire set to whatever color you want.

Please PM if interested.

RS134 Monolites 16x7 & 17x8 for the Lotus Elise and Exige - Sector111
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