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Still cleaning up my garage, and I had a bin full of C60 parts. These were originally from a Matrix/Vibe, but many of the parts would be interchangeable to the Lotus 6 speed, or perhaps you want to change your final drive ratio like I did.

6. ACT G6 (6212103) 6-puck sprung clutch. Around ~50miles on it. I pulled it when I decided to rebuild my transmission. Good clutch when used with the SS pressure plate, but if you spend a lot of time in stop-n-go traffic you are probably better served with a full face disc. It's not overly harsh, (ie not on/off switch like some) but a little more sudden than I would want when sitting in long traffic delays like I often do. Once moving it is awesome. $90 shipped.

8. Bunch of odd's and end's from a C60 transmission here. I won't bother describing every bit and piece, basically if you see something you need, ask. As long as you come with a reasonable offer, then I'll try to work something out (remember these parts are pretty heavy.) Ideally I'd sell all the minor internal transmission parts in one big box, let me know if you are interested in that.
8.3. C60 open differential $40 shipped.
8.4. C60 open differential with 4.529 ring gear $55 shipped.
8.5. 2ZZ OE flywheel $75 shipped. SOLD!!!
8.6. C60 4.529 final drive (output shaft and ring gear) $100 shipped. SOLD!!!
8.7. C60 selector shaft $40 Shipped.

9. More stuff.
9.2. C60 shifter brackets for a Matrix/Vibe $25 shipped
9.3 (above the number) 16x lugs 12x1.5 thread, closed end. These are practically new, came with my new wheels, but I switched out to spline drives. $35 shipped.
9.3. Throw-out bearing, clutch fork, slave piston pin $25 shipped
9.4. C60 case i don't know, name your price if interested. I may just turn it into a dip bowl.
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