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FS: Rear Lotus Emblem, Battery Tender adapter/leads, '06 stock rear speakers

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I've got a Lotus Emblem (the roundell like the nose badge) sitting in my garage that I've officially decided I'm not going to put back on my car. Its in "like-new" condition with the exception of needing new double sided tape on the back to attach it. It was previously mounted on my car but I've since replaced it with the raised LOTUS letters.

I have a Cigarette Lighter Adapter and a pair of alligator clamp leads for a Battery Tender, both items new in bag as delivered to me.

Lastly I have a pair of the stock Blaupunkt rear speakers from an '06 Exige. These speakers are not from my car but were shipped to me as part of some used trim panels I purchased. I don't need them so if anyone can use them, they're yours for the cost of shipping

Rear Lotus Emblem........................................$20 (sale pending - zuker88)
Battery Tender Cigarette Lighter Adapter..........$5
Battery Tender Alligator Clamp leads.................$5
Stock Rear Blaupunkt rear speakers..................FREE + shipping

All asking prices are shipped to your door via USPS. I will gladly send/post pictures for anyone who wants them. Also, if you prefer, I will send via UPS if you pay the difference in shipping costs. For more info PM me or post in this thread.
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sale pending for the Rear Lotus Emblem to zuker88 since his post here is the first message I received about it. I'll let the next in line know if something happens.

PM with payment info has been sent to you zuker88
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