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FS: ReVerie Exige S2 CF Adj. Wing (1245mm); CF Binnacle, LETSLA; FF Engine Damper

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Update: Please see post #8 (everything is sold for now).

Newbie here, I'm posting this for a friend -- sorry for anything that doesn't make sense (I don't own a Lotus -- YET!)

FS: ReVerie Exige S2 CF Adjustable Rear Wing (1245mm) just professionally clear-coated. Also CF Binnacle, LETSLA Shifter Mod "V2" (New), Force Fed Engine Damper (Used).

ReVerie Exige S2 Motorsport Rear Wing, 225MM Chord, 1245MM Long, CF, Adjustable Tailgate Mounted.

Client recently bought it from a seller here (in immaculate condition) and just had it properly clear-coated about a month ago -- then changed mind. (Went with straight version.)

As you know, wing is over $2,000 new, and the fresh clear-coat cost an additional $350 -- so it's priced to sell at $800 off new!

I'm listing other parts here real quick so hopefully I won't have to list everything again separately -- let's see if that works ;-)

-- ReVerie Wing/Clear-Coated $1,600 (Just spent $350 to have this done properly, so that's around $800 saved!)

-- CF Binnacle $120 (Perfect condition as far as I can tell; $199 new)

-- LETSLA Shift Mod "V2" $240 (this is Brand New and includes $35 2nd Gen kit; $350 new)

-- Force Fed Engine Damper $125 (went with those crazy stiff mounts so don't need; wasn't on the car long; $200 something new???)

Will consider offers if you want to buy everything listed of course. Shipping to be discussed.

Really prefer to sell to someone in SoCal -- will even consider throwing in the CF Binnacle and delivering if you're not too far!

Please feel free to email me with any questions. I also will have more pics to send out as I get them in. I'm new, so I don't know if you can PM a new member, so post if you can't and I'll PM you my email and/or phone.

From ReVerie site:
:: ReVerie

Product Description:

Chord: 225mm
Material: 2x2 twill pre-preg Carbon Fibre
Finish: Polished Carbon
Weight (Fixed): 1.5kg (stock wing is 800g heavier)
Wing Span: 1000mm (Fixed), 1245mm (Adjustable)
Components: Wing, 2x End Plates, Support tabs & 2x Support Mounts

Designed for ReVerie by aerodynamics writer and designer Simon McBeath. Autoclave cured for best properties and surface finish. Lightweight & extremely rigid. 1000mm wide wing gives approximately 63% more down force than stock (493N of down force vs. 300N stock, 100mph @ 12 deg AoA)

Price :: £1,249.00 (2,047.80 USD)

Compatible Products

Lotus - Elise S2 SC
Lotus - Exige S1 [VHPD]
Lotus - Exige S2 111R [Toyota]
Lotus - Exige S2 220S [Toyota Supercharged]


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just sent you a PM. I am located in socal as well.
That wing makes my pants tight. GL with the sale.
ReVerie Exige S2 CF Adjustable Rear Wing (1245mm)

PM sent on Wing
PM sent on shift kit
Update from OP

Hi everyone,

Wow, this is a great community... just got back and will be responding to PM's etc.

For now it looks like everything has been "claimed" -- will be trying to get back to everyone tonight. If anything falls through I'll post back what's still for sale.

Thanks everyone for your patience!
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