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I'm selling 1 set of 5 pt harness made by Safecraft. I have an extra set of these excellent belts and am hoping to get around 250 shipped obo for them. Here's some info I took straight from, as well as link here: Safecraft Eurodesign Racing Harness for the Lotus Exige and Elise - Sector111

Feel free to send me questions, more pic requests, etc. Thanks!

Safecraft's new Eurodesign harness is a state-of-the-art motorsports restraint system. This is a 5-point solution. Shoulder belts wrap around harness bar. This is simply one of the finest and safest harnesses you can place in your Elise. Used by several major NASCAR teams including: Hendrick Motorsports, PPG and more.

Compare quality and price with Willams Silverstone Series.

Key features include:

12,000 lb tensile strength, 3" polyester webbing.
Forged aluminum shoulder adjusters.
Cam will rotate 30 deg to each side before disengaging.
When rotated 90 deg to either side, the cam will stay open for a quick and easy belt release.
CNC sewn double diamond stitch pattern on all fold connections.
Qualified to SFI specifications 16.1 & 16.5 (NASCAR).
HANs Compatible.


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