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I have a set of Yokohama A048's available. Production date is from 2007, for what it's worth.

Tread depth is approximately 5-6/32nds for the fronts, and about 4-5/32nds for the rears. I was told when I bought these that they had about 1000 miles of wear on them. I bought these with a set of wheels, but I swapped out the tires and replaced them with a more street oriented tire. I was going to put these on another set of wheels I would later purchase and use for track duty. I just got the wheels, but decided to put a fresh set of tires on them instead, so I am now offering these tires for sale.

There is a catch though. 3 of the tires are perfect. The 4th one has a plug - one of the rear tires. It's a little close to the edge of the tread, and depending on who you talk to, would say it is questionable if it is safe to patch the tire so close to the sidewall. So I am offering the 3 tires, and will send the 4th if you want the tire with a plug in it for free, you would just have to pay whatever it costs me to ship that 4th tire, unless you live local enough and want to pick them up. The tires are on Long Island, in NY. I live in Brooklyn. If you're not too far, I can meet you somewhere.

Make me an offer! My guess as far as shipping would probably be somewhere between $10-$15 each tire if I had to send them out to you.

FYI - I'll be available to respond until about 6pm tonight, and will not be around from tonight until Saturday night. I'm around on Sunday, but from Sunday evening until Tuesday evening, I won't be available. Just letting you guys know if you don't get a response from me!


Here's the tire that is plugged:


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