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Chili Red over black leather

LSS Wheels,
Sport pack, touring pack, but no hard top.

8,000 miles, dealer is asking $38.5k

Some minor chipping on front lip area, and just above the front badge.

Substantial scraping underneath the front clam, last owner apparently lived with a steep driveway? :shrug:

This car is for sale at a Acura Pre-Owned dealership in the Shreveport Automall. It was traded from a dealership in Texas, and I have a sneaky feeling that it's the same car that Lotus of Austin sold back around January.

Car has some sort of aftermarket exhaust, looks to be Larini with the european type rear grille.

Drove the car, runs great! Enjoyed entertaining the uninformed salesperson, who looked puzzled as I opened the read decklid to check out the boot and engine. :huh: "I was wondering where the engine was!" (after staring at the front of the car for about two minutes when we got back from the drive.

I car is gorgeous, and I was astounded to see on in Shreveport, but ecstatic nonetheless.
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