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-- Wheel Specs --
Front - 16x6.5 +31 12.5lbs
Rear - 17x7.5 +37 15.0lbs

-- Tire Specs --
Front - Hoosier A6 205/45R16 [2.5/32", 53 autox runs/7 heat cycles]
Rear - Hoosier A6 245/40R17 [2.5/32", 53 autox runs/7 heat cycles]

-- Location --
Beaverton, OR

-- Price --

Hubcentric rings included.

These wheels have been used for autox by both the previous owner and myself. They're definitely not show quality, but would take minimal expense to rehabilitate (sand/mediablast + paint/anodize/powdercoat]. The tires still have a lot of useful competitive life - in fact, my co-driver [Matthew Braun] took down Sam Strano at the Packwood ProSolo on his final run at the last event these were used at.

Local pickup only - just too much going on right now to find some boxes, load/unload and ship. That said, I will be in Lincoln, NE for the Solo Nationals in two weeks, and can bring them with me. Otherwise, I'll bump this thread back up if they remain unsold, once I get a chance to box, and will ship at buyer's expense.

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