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FS: Stock Exhaust

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I recently replaced the stock exhaust on my 2006 Elise with a Larini so am selling the old one. Nothing wrong with it aside from a bit of surface rust as you can see in the pic. lists the stock exhaust at about $670 new so I am selling this $350 shipped OBO.



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LOL, I sold two for about $25 each.
rotfl rotfl rotfl rotfl rotfl ............. Ummm yeah. Price comparison is your friend. Stock exhausts sell from 0-50 bucks.
he said, Or Best Offer!!! just that best offer is on the south side of a hunny.

Reminds me, my GE shares are available for $26.00 each.
you will be lucky to give it away at the price of just shipping it :p
Wow I had no idea they were basically scrap.
Wow I had no idea they were basically scrap.

Yeah, truth is nobody really needs them. If you have switched exhausts, it's unlikely you'll ever use the stock one again, and if you're stock, then you already have it :)
Oh, and clearly then, the stock exhaust is not worth $700 new. Guess that's one of those overpriced Lotus parts.
I wish they sold for that.
Then I wouldn't feel so bad spending $850 on an after market.
use it as a door stopper.. ;)
Mine now weighs-down my kids portable basketball hoop! rotfl

Although I do have it sealed real well in plastic. You never know, in case any one EVER does want an original, fully-stock, with only 800 or so original miles on it (mine's obviously the single-oval-tip Exige S stock exhaust) - well then :wave:

take one end, stick it into the ground, BAM!. you have a lawn sculpture.
Now its worth like $30,000
my advice is keep it - and then swap it out - should you decide to sell the car, and then you can actauly sell the aftermarket exhaust for something....
keep it if you have room
wait, so noone wants my GE shares at $26 now??? how about $25.50?
I ended up needing to buy a stock exhaust because my Arqray exceeded the allowed noise levels at Lime Rock.
My advice is to keep the exhaust. You never know when you might need it.
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