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FS: Stock Exige exhaust

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I have the stock exhaust (muffler and through-diffuser tips) removed from my car when I upgraded to a Larini SE exhaust. I have the muffler for sale along with the stock rear grills if you need them. The exhaust is in great shape, albeit a little dirty.

Make offers, please.
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You pay me $50 + cover shipping, and I'll take it off your hands to use as addition to my kids outdoor b-ball hoop anchor / weight. rotfl

Seriously though - Good luck. I've yet to see ANYONE ever actually SELL (like for actual $$ transaction) one of these on here - ever.

Only draw (like what I've now provided here) when they try... some pretty hefty ridicule.

N/C BTW, for that! ;)

-Grant this any different from the naturally-aspirated elise exhaust?..
I'm not sure if it's any different. I've always thought that the stock Exige exhaust is a little throatier than the stock Elise one.
Anybody going back to stock? this any different from the naturally-aspirated elise exhaust?..
Its bigger and heaver...
Do like I did. Use it as an added weight to your kid's outdoor portable basketball hoop. It's really good for that! :p
Its bigger and heaver...
Im sure the 2006 Exige exhaust is the same as the Elise exhaust. But the Exige S was given a much heaver/quieter exhaust to meet noise regulations due to the supercharger wine..
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