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I have a set of TR Motorsports F1 Wheels that I used for a couple of years for autocross. Sold the car so the wheels are up for sale. There are a few scratches which are shown in the photos. The black spots one of the closeups are water/wheel cleaner spots. I didn't realize I hadn't wiped them down well enough after washing them. These are very light wheels (lighter than the LSS wheels) and are fantastic for autocross if you run in stock trim. The A6 tires are pretty shot, but they work well to help protect the wheels from damage during shipping. Otherwise I can have the tires dismounted and double box the wheels. New from Tirerack $2000. Asking $1000 OBO + shipping/packaging.

Fronts: 16" x 6.5" 32mm Offset 10.5 lbs
Rears: 17" x 7.5" 37mm Offset 12.0 lbs

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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