Selling the MrFiat transparent hardtop for the Elise. It’s never been used (unfortunately for me) nor even let out of its inner packaging
I ordered the hardtop from MrFiat (here: Lotus Elise Exige Transparent Hardtop Basic - Roof - Other - Other Cars) and then right after I ordered it I had an accident and got rid of my Elise. The hardtop comes from Europe, so it took a long time to deliver. I received it after I had sold my Elise.

Since I’ve never used it, I won’t be able to answer many questions about real world use, unfortunately.

I love having natural light in the cabin. Big fan of moonroofs. Especially in Seattle where the weather means no top-down driving for ~8 months of the year. Thought the transparent hardtop was going to be a phenomenal accessory.

We are moving and have decided to no longer keep it around. Was (and still am) hoping to get another Elise, but who knows when that will be.

If you buy one from website, it is over $3K and couple months to deliver. Am willing to listen to offers to see if I get a good price. I’m fine keeping it if no decent offer comes in. I do want to get another Elise and I’ll want this hardtop then.

Again, it is brand new. The box has been opened to take the pictures but the hardtop is still in its packaging.