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FS: TRMotorsport F1 Wheels $650 Shipped

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I bought these from keinayo - just selling them for what I paid. Sold my Lotus and I recently just sold my Work Wheels to Ianreed06.

They are in ok shape (no dings, curb marks, dents, or anything of that nature). I cleaned it up a lil bit when I received them from keinayo, but otherwise they are still in the same shape when I received it from him.

2 x 16x6.5 TRMotorsport F1 Wheels - Front - Color Black
1 x 17x7.5 TRMotorsport F1 Wheels - Rear - Color Black

You can get the rear from and you will have a complete set.

These are the lightest wheels I have ever picked up. Feel free to ask me any question.


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Good seller... :up:
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