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$1800 retail +$100 for the roll-bar mounts, comes with software to run, two cameras, and two roll-bar mounts. You will need a power source, you can buy a cigarette lighter adapter or a hard-wire kit from Racelogic.


Two or four camera inputs with user configurable Picture-in-Picture
High resolution cameras (580L Sony HQ1 chipset)
MPEG-4 video format (1 hour ~ 2Gbytes on high quality setting)
24 bit colour graphics with per pixel Alpha blending
Built-in VBOX GPS data logger which updates 10 or 20 times a second
Internal 1200mAh 'tank circuit' for reliability
Locking connectors
4Gbyte SD HC card supplied with each kit
Fully customisable graphics
Fully automatic recording when moving
Start/Stop override button
'LineSnap' predictive lap timing when used with OLED display

Yours for $1,250 shipped con US.

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