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I'm selling my Weathershield HP indoor/outdoor car cover. It's super durable/weather resistant. It's also lightweight, and fits in a small duffel (which I am including in the purchase). I've used it only indoors, so there are no worn/thin spots due to weather/sun damage at all. I have it for 6 years or so, and worked well for me. It's in excellent condition, with no pulls or tears, either. I recently washed it, so it's pretty clean. There might be a few small dirt marks (on the outside) around that didn't come out in the wash, but nothing significant or very noticeable. There are some dark/dirt streaks on the inside of the cover around where the tires/wheels would be, which a small amount came off in the wash, but it's still there. Once the cover is on though, you wouldn't see it at all. Selling it only because I originally bought it for my Elise (It's an Elise Part #), then used it for my Exige. It fit fine on both, but recently upgraded my rear wing to one that's significantly larger (Reverie), making it an even more tight fit. It still fits, but I didn't like how tight it was. I actually purchased another Weathershield HP cover, but one that better fits my application.

More info on the cover from the company site:

To reiterate, this cover's part number is for an Elise, but fit perfectly fine with my '07 Exige with stock wing. It got a little tighter when I replaced the OEM wing ends with larger CF ends, but it still fit and I used it like that for a while with no issues. The coverage went all the way down to the splitter in front, and covered at least the top of the diffuser in back.

Unfortunately I never thought of, or got around to taking a bunch of pics to show, but I do have these few images. The front corner pic is of the same cover, but with the new wing I now have installed, and you can kind of see how tight/weird fitting it is in the back due to the larger wing, which is once again why I chose to replace it. I'm thinking $175 OBO with the (generic, but perfectly sized) small duffel bag to store it, shipped CONUS.

These were the wing ends I had on my OEM wing, which still fit over the cover, but was a pinch tight:

This is with my new wing installed, and you can see how the fit gets weird behind the door as a result:

This is the new cover (same HP cover, but added contrast sides - NOT the one I'm selling), you can see how custom fitted it is, and how it it completely covers the rear of the car which is how the one I am selling would fit in back if you're using it for an Elise or Exige with OEM wing.
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